Happy New Year - More in 2015! January 02 2015

Happy New Year from ZapZorn Composer Tools!

We have been working on some new ideas coming in 2015 at ZapZorn - But first, we will be releasing Solstice : Green very soon. Solstice : Green is the more serene sister to Solstice : Blue. It will feature more nature landscapes and sounds for the X & Y sound set while the core sounds will have everything from female voices to bowed glass. Look also for Solstice : Red the angry sister of the bunch also coming soon.

ZapZorn will start turning our focus on efforts furthering the engine from Elements in some new products using the same engine structure. The sound sets will be different core samples. Wires in one of them - it will focus on samples that are based in strings. But don't look for a Strat, Violin or Piano sounds - we never have been really interested in doing 'regular' instruments - Look for Wires to have anything from rubber bands to hammered pianos and everything in between.

One last thing we'd like to deliver in 2015 is our first percussion based sound library. As a composer and drummer, one thing I have always been disappointed in is the 'hold down and play some big percussion loop thing' in sound libraries. You know who they are - they always seem to fall in to the 'stock ho-hum' categories after you use them a few times and leave it very hard for composers to build a cool innovative dynamic sequences that are their own. We have some new ideas to take that same cinematic sound to a way more innovative, user collaborative effort. We hope to lay the ground work for that this spring. 

ZapZorn Composer Tools remains committed in 2015 and beyond to create user definable, innovative dynamic sounds that each composer can craft on their own. We thank all of our users for their enthusiasm and support and look forward to continuing to provide new solutions to you in the future.

All the best in 2015!

George - ZapZorn Composer Tools