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 ZapZorn Composer Tools

ZapZorn creates composing tools for and powered by Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player that will set you apart from all the other performers and composers who are still using the same old tools. Our brand focuses on unique, simple and useful concepts for the composing community.

George Gabriel

ZapZorn Composer Tools was created by composer George Gabriel (Baywatch, Disney's Kim Possible, Dora The Explorer). ZapZorn has sound design based custom tools that allow you to dial in a usable sound quickly and tweak it to make it your own. George has been professionally composing for years and part of his success is due to his sonic inventiveness. When he needed a sound that was unique, he created it himself. In that same spirit George set out to make a set of tools for real, working composers, sound designers, and artists that would not only allow them to combine sets of organic sounds quickly, but modify them to a unique perfection. You can contact ZapZorn and George via email at

Mario Krušelj

Croatian native Mario Krušelj (known on the web as 'EvilDragon') is a brilliant, talented musician who also is a world renown Kontakt programmer. So good, that we hesitate to put his name up here (he is our not-so-secret weapon). His brushstrokes of genius can be seen over many products in the field (Evolution Series, Sonokinetic, Zero-G, Hollow Sun, Hideaway Studios, Tronsonic, Sample Katra...) and he is a constant force at making ZapZorn Composer Tools the best Kontakt instruments they can be. 

Jonathan Richmond

Jonathan is the newest member of the ZapZorn team. A young; up and coming composer, producer and sound designer. With his knowledge and experience with synthesis he is helping to take ZapZorn deeper into the world of sound design with new, cutting edge sounds and textures.

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