Install Issues

Trouble adding the library to Kontakt
  • Make sure you are using Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 5 Player.

Library Issues

Patch displays DEMO and them stops working
  • Make sure you activate the library using Native Instruments Service Center - Activate Service Center and log in to your Native Instruments account to add the ZapZorn Elements serial number in.

Performance Issues

Patch sounds distorted.
  • Patches may sound distorted if you are using too many effects and/or groups to make the sound. Make sure you use the Mixer Tab to control the levels of your groups. Always refer to your main out to see if the levels are red-lining and adjust in your mixer accordingly. (For more information see the ZapZorn Elements Users Manual page 16)
Loud hiss when you are playing the patch or not playing the patch.
  • Check the Lo-Fi on the Trigger FX Tab and make sure that 'Noise' is turned all the way down
Patch or Multi is breaking up.
  • You are likely running out of CPU power or RAM. Go to Options and check your Latency and Memory settings. You may have to activate Memory Server on slower machines. Refer to the Users Manual for more information.