Danny Pelfrey Testimonial

Composer Danny Pelfrey - ZapZorn Elements Testimonial from ZapZorn Composer Tools on Vimeo.

Emmy award-winning composer, Danny Pelfrey, shares his thoughts on ZapZorn Elements

"Fantastically sampled, incredibly clean! It just sounds amazing!"

Danny is an amazing and very accomplished composer who knows the needs of the working composer. When Danny first got his hands on ZapZorn Elements, he instinctively started playing with it's many features and opened up OUR eyes to things that Elements could do that WE haven't even thought of! In fact, he was a great contributor on the concepts of how ZapZorn Elements can make interesting pads. Danny's enthusiastic endorsement marked the first of what has turned into what MANY other working composers and hobby composers alike have been saying about ZapZorn elements. Find out for yourself on why this is such an incredibly powerful tool for creating your own unique sounds.